Cell Phone Do Not Call List

The new cell phone directory is a good news/bad news scenario for cell phone users. The good news is that people who dropped off all information listings by switching to a cell phone from a land line can now be found again. The bad news is that telemarketers will be able to find cell phone users, too. The answer to this potential problem is the Cell Phone Do Not Call List.

Cell phone owners can sign up for the list by phone or using the Internet. Signing up for the do not call list is supposed to be effective within 90 days of signup date, and is good for five years. At the end of five years, it will be necessary to register again.

To sign up for the cell phone Do Not Call list by telephone, call 888-382-1222. You must make the call from the actual cell phone you want to register - the listing will be accepted only if the calling number matches the registered number.

To sign up for the cell phone Do Not Call list on the Web, go to www.donotcall.gov and follow the instructions.

Either way, if you act quickly you can prevent most unwanted telemarketing calls. If you receive calls after the 90-day waiting period, keep track of who called and report them. You can use the same Do Not Call website for this purpose.

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